Ocean Cubes Schematic

What is OceanCubes?

An OceanCube is an un-manned underwater coastal observatory designed to provide real-time data and images. A central node houses a variety of biological, physical, and chemical sensors with four corners of a cubic volume providing current and temperature informtation. Currently, OceanCubes are being proposed for a variety of locations in Japan, Panama, India, the Antarctic and Arctic.

Why OceanCubes?

The OceanCube observatories will provide year round biological and physical data to support both educational and research objectives related to understanding biodiversity, biophysical and geochemical processes, particularly ocean acidification and its impact on coral reef communities.

Who is OceanCubes?

OceanCube Observatories are made up of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution engineers, biologists, and chemists who have a vision of observing pieces of the ocean at a very high resolution in order to answer scientific question we could never answer before. Each OceanCube has a unique set of collaborators dedicated to the operations, data use, and success of their OceanCube observatory.

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